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Large Shafts and Pipes

Precision Bearing and Machine routinely supports customers in the manufacturing of large shafts and piping.  Recently, working with an eight month schedule, and with full inspection and approval of the Army Engineering, Precision Bearing and Machine supported their customers effort to relieve flooding during a high water event. Utilizing our CNC milling and turning operations, we fabricated the 8"diameter x 120" long shafting and 14" diameter piping from duplex stainless steel to tolerances of 0.0005 TIR. The fabrication of the shafts, pipes and associated parts were completed by our staff of master machinists and certified welders.

Project Highlights

Product Description Large Shafts and Pipes
Expertise Master Machinist
Certified Welders
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part Large CNC Milling Centers
Large CNC Turning Centers
Overall Part Dimensions 8"dia x 120"lg shafting , 14"dia piping
Tightest Tolerances Critical Tolerances: 0.0005 TIR
Material Used Duplex Stainless Steel
Additional Facts

Initial testing ran flawlessly

Customer was very pleased

The Army Engineers said this was a huge project completed in a short amount of time
Project stayed on schedule
In process testing/inspection performed Achieved Army Engineering Approval
Initial Testing was Flawless
Industry for Use Flood Control
Pump Industry
Delivery/Turnaround Time 8-MONTHS
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