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Fabrication of Vehicle Parts for a Military Vehicle Application


Precision Bearing & Machine, Inc. was approached by a client for the custom metal fabrication of armor plate components for a military vehicle. This project was vital to keeping our troops safe. Using customer-supplied prints, we fabricated various component parts including bumpers, doors, and hinges. Using our CNC bending and turning capabilities, the parts were constructed from A514 armor plate and assembled with flux core MIG welding. During manufacture, we were able to achieve an extreme bend thought to be impossible on thick armor plates. We produced 250 components for the M-Wrap vehicle that was used to transports troops in Iraq and upheld critical tolerances of 0.0005 TIR. We are proud that our high-quality parts protected soldiers serving our country. The following table outlines this project. To learn more about how we can serve the needs of your company, Please contact us today.

Fabrication of Military Vehicle Parts - Project Details

Product Description  Military Vehicle's used to move American troops in Iraq.
Metal Fabrication Capabilities Applied/Processes Primary:

CNC Bending
CNC Turning
Flux core MIG welding

Laser Cutting

Water Jet Cutting
Master Machinist
Certified Welders
Project Management
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part Laser, CNC Press Brake, CNC Milling, Welding Positioners
Components Fabricated
Various Component Parts
Tightest Tolerances Critical Tolerances: 0.0005 TIR
Material Used A514 Armor Plate
Material Finish CARC Paint
Additional Facts Achieved an extreme bend thought to be impossible on thick armor plates.
Soldier sent picture thanking Precision Bearing
  • Saved six troops' lives when hit by an enemy explosive.
In process testing/inspection performed Components are QC during in-process and weldments QC per C=0 sampling rates
Industry for Use Military Vehicle Industry
National Defense
Volume 250 units
Delivery/Turnaround Time 1-year
Standards Met
Customer supplied specifications
Certified Welders
Master Machinists
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