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Project Management Services - Precision Bearing & Machine, Inc.

Precision Bearing & Machine, Inc. has become a company known worldwide for its ability to oversee and manage large corporate and military projects from inception, material purchase, execution through the production stage, and for meeting the exacting delivery schedules for our customers.

Known for our expertise with irrigation and flood control projects, Precision works closely with the Corps of Engineers and quality managers to insure that we meet their extremely close tolerances on shafting, column pipes, discharge heads, cooling coils, and other fabrications for the pump and fire industries. These projects demonstrate our ability to work with many exotic metals like K500 Monel, 2205 Duplex, 2507 Super Duplex, and Bronze. We simply know how.

The Cooling Coils fabricated for a Lake Clute Project represented challenges in machining the tolerances of exotic metals such as 7030 copper nickel and Stainless Steel. The coils were 7030 copper nickel but the material for the framework was duplex stainless, which presented the challenge of marrying two dissimilar metals in order to avoid normally occurring oxidation. We solved this problem by developing and fabricating a polypropylene isolator. The difficulty of final assembly of the cooling coils was another obstacle from which many companies would have backed away.

Our purchasing power, credit ratings, vendor network, experience, and knowledge allow us to buy raw material at industry best prices. In many cases we buy directly from the mill. We provide material certifications and control them within our quality management system for the period of time required. We have the financial ability to make large project investments. In most of our projects we are treated as a trusted tier one supplier, as we handle the material purchases so as to maintain full project control start to finish.

We are frequently involved in managing defense projects, military vehicle components, satellite carbon filter components, automotive component fabrication, pump and fire industry shafting, textile rolls and journals, and complete machine fabrication.

Certified welders experienced master craftsman, experienced management, training and certifications in both military standards and ISO 9001/2008, qualified vendors, financial strength, excellent buying power, and a full range of the finest equipment on the market allow us to bring the toughest projects to fruition when others can't. We are a trusted source with all of our customers and maintain a rank of excellence on our customer follow up communications and surveys.

Our full range of top line equipment allows us to keep almost all operations "in house" for maximum control over material purchases and certifications, production, quality, and delivery schedules. Some coatings and a few operations are outsourced to extremely qualified vendors in our area with whom we have worked for years.

Experience working with exotic metals like K500 Monel, 2205 Duplex, 2507 Super Duplex, and Bronze for pump industry projects like Lake Ponchatrane Flood Control in New Orleans, and Titanium and Armor Plate for military projects like (MRAP) allows our customers to have confidence in our ability to fabricate with precision and manage to fruition.

Our fabrication department is state of the art, starting with our production oriented Mazak Hyper-Turbo-X510 Lazer, one of the finest in the world. It is equipped for automated loading and unloading. Extremely fast and precise, our lazer jet cutting saves a lot of time in both the cutting and deburring process, and can handle a range and thickness of materials that other lazer jets cannot. This powerful Mazk Lazer Jet clearly demonstrated its value cutting both Armor Plate and Titanium required for our defense projects. It allowed us to cut thicker and harder metals that would normally be produced on our Flow water jet.

Our 72" x 144" 60,000 PSI Flow water jet with a dynamic articulating head allowed us to cut extremely hard materials like Armor Plate over 1" thick for a mine resistant vehicle military project. A project that saved lives for which we are very proud to have been a part.

The articulating head saved time in part clean up and material cost, and by getting more parts per plate. The precision, versatility, and accuracy of the articulating head have also allowed us to cut delicate concave shapes made from carbon fiber for Satellite Communication Projects.

Our 175 ton, 5 axis, CNC Accupress press brake made it possible for us to produce the precise bends and shapes for many of the larger pieces and heavier metals involved in these projects. It proved invaluable, as we were the only company in the United States able to produce one of the Armor plate bends that was crucial to the success of another military project.

Our welders and welding positioners create aesthetically beautiful welds with speed and accuracy. Certified in military requirements, tig weldings, mig weldments, and others' we are able to meet the extremely exacting standards so absolutely crucial to the military, and for pump industry flood control.

Our machining department is equipped with precision, efficiency, range of part size, and operations in mind. From our workhorse milling and chamfering Fadals (many identical for flexibility of programming and running parts on multiple machines), to our array of CNC and lives lathes, to our twin pallet OKK, and the support equipment on hand, we handle projects from start to finish.

We believe however that our strongest asset is our people. Our operators are artisans with decades of experience. Our software, engineering, cad capabilities, digital ISO Quality Management System, and experience managing projects make a smooth transition from print to delivery. Our management team is often noticed as the most knowledgeable at the table and over time become an invaluable asset to our customers.

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